Appraisal Services

Initial Appraisal Onsite

The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate, photograph, measure, and inventory all items that will be included in the Report.


The time necessary for the Appraiser to identify marks and labels, verify dates, consult experts, and research values of the items to be included in the Report.

Report Preparation

Involves the organizing, typing, assembly, and printing of the appraisal report and photographs.


Fees are charged on an hourly basis.

Estate Sales, Liquidation and Brokerage Services

RLC Appraisals are commission-based sellers of full or partial estates, and will find the best venue for our clients’ antiques, jewelry, furnishings and other personal property. Our services include a clean-out of the residence, donation of suitable items, and shipping to heirs and beneficiaries, if needed. Our clean-outs include responsible and secure disposal of documents, medications and other sensitive materials. We work closely with independent buyers and local, regional and national auction houses to place clients’ property optimally.

Sales Fees

Commission based that is predetermined.

Consultation Services


The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate, and express an informed opinion of current value, condition, restoration possibilities, marketability, etc. A consultation is NOT an appraisal and should not be construed as such.

Consultations can be useful for equitable distribution purposes, and the sale of personal property. This service often includes identification of valuable property, a verbal opinion of value, and advice on the best sales venues.


Fees are charged on and hourly basis and rates differ depending on the task. Please contact us for our current fee schedule.